Pennsylvania Club History

This page is devoted to keeping a record of the history of the Pennsylvania Club. You can view many photos and download a written history of the club. We're always looking for more pictures, stories or other artifacts for archiving and display, so that we may keep alive the rich past of this club and its members. More contemporary photos may be found on the Photos page. As an arbitrary dividing line, anything older than about five years will be posted on this page.

Written History

Read about the history of the Pennsylvania Club, written by Timothy Flora in June 1980. Contains many black and white photos.

Though not strictly a history of the club, here's an article giving a short history and description of the geology of Georgian Bay.

Some information on our neighbor, the Iron City Fishing Club:

  • Short story about how the site for the Iron City Club was found.
  • History of the Iron City Fishing Club.

If you're interested in learning a little local history via a walking tour, a visit to the Calhoun Lodge and Baker Homestead in Blackstone Harbour might be in order.


Dressed in SuitsPhotos have been arranged somewhat chronologically, but many are our best guess only. Most of the early ones do not have dates attached to them, nor are many of the people in them identified. So if anyone has more information on any of them, let us know and captions will be added as appropriate.

  • Haas group (August) - Overnight in Barrie, grilling lamb & steaks.
  • Haas August trip - Picking up groceries, taxi from Moon River, canoeing in Secret.
  • Pike Trip - You missed a good trip if you weren't there! Check out the new incinerator.
  • Work Week - New boat ramp, walkway, matching roof on small cottage.
  • Summer - Some sunsets, the usual shots of bass....
  • Shirey-Knipe Week - July 30-August 6.
  • Art Prioletti's August fishing trip.
  • Labor Day Week - Hasely group photos by George Chemsak.
  • Kiefer Week - September 10-17. Work on the boathouse cribbing and some good-size bass.
  • September - The last two weeks provided some special moments for the club. Jim Haas invited four guests from Germany who thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Catching a five pound smallmouth helps some. Bob Cline also snagged a 43", 22# northern.
  • October - Becky Neuhauser (Tim Belcher's sister) was up at the Club the last week of the season and sent in this collection of pictures.
  • Camp Opening - Clouds, winds and bugs, but no crowds! 39" pike and 8# walleye among the many fish caught.
  • Work Week - Pleasant weather (except for the last day) helped the small, but enthusiastic crew really get the place spruced up.
  • Hasely Week - Photos by George Chemsak of musky, pike and mangled fingers.
  • Summertime - Monster largemouth and the return of Doc.
  • September - Power outage, closing up camp, name that fish.
  • Spring Trip - Quite the variety of weather, buts lots of good-sized pike (two fourty inchers), camp renovations, moose & bear sightings.
  • Work Week - Construction of new boathouse shelter, some good size pike.
  • Summertime - Dogfish on topwater, bass, muskies, poker, sunsets.
  • Haas/Devido Group (July) - Guests from Germany.
  • Quailey Group (August) - Boathouse dedication, musky.
  • Kiefer Group (September) - Rain, big bass, birds.
  • September Men's Camp - Raccoon, bass, removing docks.
  • Spring Trip - Camp opened, kitchen renovations, lots of pike, bird watching.
  • Work Week - Dock steps, picnic table, boathouse shelter deck extension, fog, rain and some fish.
  • Book Group (June 14-21) - Lots of bears sighted, fox snake, turtles, gar, pike & bass.
  • Summertime - Rescuing the canoeists, gar, ducks, geese & loons.
  • Cunningham/Micco Week (August 16-23) - Water skiing, potato launching, cliff jumping.
  • September Men's Camp - Pike, largemouth, canoe trips, sunsets, dining room prep work.
  • March - Bill and Chris Devido visited the club in late March. Check out the pictures if you want to see what the area looks like in winter.
  • May Camps - Aerial shots, first musky of the year.
  • Work Week - New front windows, back stairs, fish house flooring & lots more.
  • Pike Tournament (June) - Pictures from our first Annual Pike Tournament.
  • Goglin/Peters June Week - Five walleye caught this week, big pike, bass, snakes, trophies & awards ceremony.
  • Hasely/Martone June Week - Musky, walleye and deer.
  • July Mens Camp - Lots of bass & delicious food.
  • Devido/Martone July Week - Grandkids, desserts, new curtains.
  • Montgomery Week (August) - A great week for fishing, lots of bass, some walleye.
  • August Camps - Couples week, men's camp, ice bucket challenge video.
  • September Camps - Work begun on new cottage addition, killer pike, musky and swimming leech.