PA Club Photos

Please email me any pictures you want published. Digital photos are best, but if you have prints or better yet, negatives and you mail them to me, I can work with those too. When sending photos, try and include some captions such as who is in the photo, where and when it was taken and any comments you want to add. The maximum file size attachment for my email account is 25 MB, so be sure to break up the emails into smaller ones if necessary. Dropbox also works great for large files or if you have many pictures to share. Photos older than five years will generally be posted on the History page.

  • Spring Trips - Opening up camp, prepping for work week, siding repair, trip to Parry Sound.
  • More Spring Trips - Getting ready for work week, lots of wildlife (friendly fox) and some fish.
  • Work Week - Main cottage renovations, dock rehab, swim platform, heavy pollen.
  • Spring Trips - Camp setup & cleaning, bedroom renovations, new windows, sewer repairs, "catch of the week".
  • Work Week - New bedrooms, new dock, new incinerator, demise of the Horseshoe Tree.
  • Week 6 - Family time, portage into Clear, dinner at Henry's.
  • Summer Camps - Fire pump training, lots of bass & other wildlife, tower removal.
  • More Summer Camps - Baby loon, incinerator fix, Pratt Channel swim, birthday celebrations at Henry's, canoeing.
  • McBride Family Week - Lots of family photos.
  • OToole Family Week - Trips to Parry Sound, Henry's & Moon River Falls.
  • Couples Week - Dinner at Henry's, relaxing on the dock, and a few fish pictures.
  • September Camps - Big musky & pike, walleye, salmon, nice sunset.
  • October Camps - Fall fishing & picnicking, steak night, musky, bonfire.
  • Fall Meeting - Actually, these are pictures taken mostly after the business meeting.
  • Spring Trips - Radiosonde, crappies, Ellen's Isle aerials, lumber delivery, swimming moose.
  • Work Week - New cooks' porch, back dock extended, garbage runs, eagles, fox snake.
  • Montgomery Week - Lots of fish, wildlife, good food and friendship.
  • Summer Camps - Island Queen Cruise, loon on nest, heron hunting, fishing at Penna Point.
  • McConahy Week - Family reunion with lots of fishing, fun and golf.
  • Micco/Cunningham Week - Eagles in the Osprey nest, Penna Point paint job, fishing in Secret.
  • August Camps - Family time, kids, happy hour, trip to Henry's, Wreck Island, lots of sunsets & rainbows.
  • Couples Week - Lots of fun, fish & wildlife.
  • September Camps - Gathering at Montana's, bears in camp & other wildlife.
  • More September Camps - Muskies, trip to Western Islands, aerial views of the "Crossroads".
  • October Camps: Closing up camp, happy hour in the "Sanctuary", fall colors.
  • Spring at the club - Since we are still without access to the club, our neighbor, Joe Teeling was kind enough to send in these photos.
  • Camp cleanup - After sitting vacant for 22 months, it took a herculean effort to get the camp ready for the return of members and guests.
  • Week 15 - Trip to Parry Sound, wildlife, sunrises and sunsets.
  • Week 16 - Couples week was open to everyone this year. Dinner at Henry's, dogs in camp, morning fog, loons.
  • September - Funnel cloud, bald eagle, big and small fish, Clear Lake.
  • October - Eagles, loons, autumn scenes, Ellen's Isle, Sucker Falls.
  • Camp Closing - Big pike & lots of other fish, sunrises, evening activities.
  • Lake Ouachita, Arkansas - Kiefer trip to catch some spotted fish & catfish. Not quite Canada, but close!
  • BWCA - No Canada fishing this year, so in September, a few of us did a canoe trip to northern Minnesota instead.
  • Lake Cumberland, Kentucky - A dozen of us rendezvoused in Kentucky. Caught a few fish and had a great time.
  • Fall at the club - Some pictures of the club taken by our new neighbor, Joe Teeling.
  • A Substitute Fall Fishing Trip - Tionesta Reservoir and Chautauqua Lake in mid-October.

Georgian Bay Muskies

Muskies caught around the waters of the Pennsylvania Club.

Muskies from other Waters

Here are pictures of muskies caught from spots outside Georgian Bay.

Neal Blizzard has taken many pictures at the club through the years, especially during work weeks and while fishing during the annual Kiefer Week. There are also some nostalgic photos from the past.