Fish Tales

We'd like to collect as many stories about the Club as possible. Anything humorous, fun, interesting, memorable or just a tale of the big one you may or may not have hooked, would be appreciated. Send them to the webmaster at the email link at the bottom of the page. Include a photo or two if you want.

How I Lost My Favorite Bass Rod - Tony Fernandez.

The Day I Caught My First Musky or 15 Years of Not Catching One - Jonathon Fish.

More Things Learned at Fishing Camp - Ted Montgomery.

Ice Fishing Is Not For Dummies - Rick Verbanick.

Wacky Wormin' - Bob Cline.

PA Club Mysteries - Ralph Martone.

Net Returns - Keeping a fisherman honest, by Reverand Chris Winkler.

Things I Learned at Fishing Camp - Some thoughts and lessons learned from a guest who enjoyed a week up at the club, by Gary Gibson.

The Summer of '88 - Gary Gibson.

Cartoon Fish fry

Jack Quailey in Italy during WW II