Landscaping Report - by Bob Cline

June 2018

Just a quick note to update PA Club landscape/planting efforts.

Wildflower gardens are pretty much in the same areas as last two years ... new additions are focused around new cottage addition with Russian Sage in the upper area between cottage addition and the rock slab walkway to the burn barrel. This seemingly barren area was also generously seeded with Black-eyed Susan, Coneflower and a few other native wildflower species. Hopefully, if we don't weed wack or mow this area, we may get some positive growth results over the summer.

Also, the small stand of Sumac trees that sprouted in the area between the burn barrel and the burn pit have been identified as Staghorn Sumac, a NON-POISONOUS, native tree that is beneficial to wildlife. It is recommended that this area and these trees remain undisturbed. I feel confident that members and guests will be pleased with the long term results in these two areas.

There was also considerable discussion about the presence of Poison Sumac (trees) on the property, but after a number of searches, I was unable to locate any in or near the public use areas. All the sumacs I encountered were either Staghorn Sumac or possibly young Smooth Sumacs (both of which are non-poisonous).

NOTE: the leaves of Poison Sumac have a smooth margin (leaf edge) while all the other sumacs have a serrated (sawtooth) leaf margin and are not poisonous. I'm not saying there is no Poison Sumac on the island, I just have not yet encountered any. Hopefully, over the course of the summer, someone will take a few photos of the flowers & trees so we can see how things are growing.