More Things Learned at Fishing Camp

by Ted Montgomery
July 2012

While reviewing the Pennsylvania Club web site I re-read the section "Fish Tales" and was particularly amused by the works Mr. Gibson had done in the past. I would like to continue his work and tell you what I learned this past week, not only from personal experience but tales told by others in our group. Here goes:

  • The best fisherman in camp doesn't catch the best fish.
  • The best poker player in camp doesn't win the most money.
  • Diets are a waste when Dorothy and Rose are your cooks.
  • It is hard to launch a boat with the rear tie-downs in place.
  • Car problems WILL occur regardless of your maintenance procedures.
  • Depth finders do not work if fuse is bad.
  • People catch fish that I never knew existed in our waters, ie. salmon and sheepshead.
  • Wire leaders were designed for a reason.
  • Black flies don't care what color you wear or what repellent you use.
  • Kids at camp make you feel younger.
  • Old people at camp make you feel younger.
  • When the week is over, you feel old.
  • You catch your biggest fish of the trip when no one is in the boat to help net or witness.
  • There is a lure-eating, line-busting fish inside the Sanctuary.
  • Fishing before breakfast is usually a waste of time.
  • If you have more than one of a lure that is working well, everyone wants to borrow the other one.
  • Some people love to use worms, while others never use one all week even though they paid for them.
  • Soft plastics are less of a mess than worms.
  • If you beat someone in a fishing contest by ΒΌ" they think you can't measure properly.
  • As one of my guests said in June, "If this isn't Heaven, you can sure see it from here".