Driving Directions - 346 Miles from New Castle, PA

  • Interstate 79 North towards Erie, PA..
  • From I-79, take Interstate 90 East towards Buffalo (there is a toll once it becomes the NY Thruway), take exit 53 to merge onto Interstate 190 North towards Buffalo/the Peace Bridge.
  • Go approximately 6 1/2 miles and take exit 9, the Peace Bridge exit (If you want to stop at duty free, do it before you cross the bridge). Cross over the bridge and go through Canadian Customs (there is a toll after going through Customs).
  • The road going from the Peace Bridge is the QEW.
  • Continue on the QEW for about 60 miles (remember that in Canada, distances are in kilometers) to the 407 ETR East. After you have passed Hamilton, Ontario and just after you have passed the exit to Burlington, you will cross a huge bridge (James N Allen Skyway). The 407 ETR exit is shortly after that.
  • Stay on 407 ETR East until you see Route 400 North, Barrie (approximately 40 miles).

For last minute fishing items and licenses, there is a Bass Pro Shops store located at the first exit on 400 North, just after 407 joins 400, (exit #32 - Bass Pro Mills Drive).

See the specific location (Bala, MacTier, Moon River) you're going to for the rest of the directions:

To Bala:

  • Bala is a cute little resort town if you want more than just a place to sleep for the night. There are a couple very good restaurants, tourist shops and more.
  • To get to Bala, from the 400 North/Highway 11 interchange, just north of Barrie, go approximately 45 miles on Highway 400 to Exit 177. Turn right on Route 38 and go approximately 10 miles to the T intersection. There are several places to stay.
  • To get to the Marina from Bala, instead of going back out to 400 via Route 38, go north on 169 and follow 169 until it T's at Lake Joseph Road (formerly highway 69). Turn LEFT and go 1 mile to District Route 11 and turn right. MacTier is about 1 1/2 miles down the road.

To MacTier:

  • Take the 400 North to exit 189, Lake Joseph Road (formerly highway 69). Go approximately 2 1/2 miles to District Route 11 Muskoka (you'll pass the shuttered Avon Motel, then there is a sign to MacTier just before the turn). Turn left and follow Rt. 11 about 1 1/2 miles. Just past the school on the right is the LCBO store for alcohol; next intersection after that is the grocery store (Foodland) for food, soft drinks, snacks, etc. Right next to Foodland is Wayne's Hardware (can get your fishing license there, if needed).

To Moon River Marina (from MacTier):

  • From downtown Mactier, follow Rt. 11 about 2.3 miles until you see a blue District Parry Sound sign and multiple blue directional signs to various places (it is also the end of District Route 11). Turn left on that road (Healey Lake Road) and go 11.4 miles to where the road splits. Take the left fork, drive for 100 feet and turn (right) into the Moon River drive. Follow it down to the buildings. (If you're heading to Grisdale's, take the right fork and keep going on the dirt road for another half mile or so and it will be on the left)

Coordinates for the PA Club: N45° 10.75, W80° 05.12, Elevation 560'