Ed Marshall's Passing

Joe Dolney: For those of you who had the privilege of knowing Ed, and his love for the  PA Club, you also know that he was a spiritual leader. No one was more engaged in work week performance than Ed. His blessings at the dinner table and evening stories at the gathering room were just added gems to the fellowship he brought to the club. Once you had met him, he became your friend. He was one of those people who never became a member, but will be remembered by many as a special friend of the Pennsylvania Club. May he rest in peace.

Larry Kiefer: A very longtime PA Club guest, work week participant and a much beloved friend of many of us passed away yesterday (October 30) in New Castle due to a bout with bacterial pneumonia. Ed was a very special person and member of the Kiefer/Poulton September week for many years. He loved the PA Club as much as any of us members. He devoted many of his off season hours to working on projects and ideas for improving the entire PA Club experience. In his later years, he often said that he enjoyed and anticipated the work week time as much or more than the September fishing time.

John McConahy: It is with true sadness that I am letting you know of the passing of our great friend, Ed Marshall. Ed was as much a part of the PA Club family as a non-member can possibly be.

Ed was a very special person and a many, many years guest of the Kiefer/Poulton September week. He very much loved the PA Club. He devoted many of his off season hours to working on projects and ideas for improving the PA Club experience for everyone.

In his later years, Ed became a mainstay during work week. As hard as he worked during work week, Ed did more during his off-season for the Club than he did then - many of you have seen the napkin holders on the dining room table.

As part of remembering Ed, the Kiefer/Poulton group is asking members and friends of the Club to make donations to the Pennsylvania Club in his memory. They would greatly appreciate it if you would send your donation to Club Treasurer, Dick Skubak, where he will record your donation into a special fund. The monies will then be dispersed by the Board on a project where we will be able to say thank you to Ed over and over again.