PA Club logo Georgian Bay, Canada


"The quality of the attending members and guests in camp made the week. All seemed to do whatever they could to ensure that others were having a great camp experience. The cool overnights and the use of the floor heaters provided for fantastic sleeping. The bass were huge, averaging 17-22", the waterways and bays void of others. I'll be back next year."

Rick K.

"If you described a week’s vacation to someone and told them you spent one day without power and it rained more than half the time, they would conclude your vacation was spoiled. But for the Hasely/Martone group it was another great week in Georgian Bay. That is the power of the Pennsylvania Club."


"...agree that it's much more than just the fishing. It's also about the friendships and memories that are created. We were at first apprehensive about attending couples week, for we didn't know any of the couples attending and had no idea as to what to expect. But after arriving, our fears were short-lived. All of the couples were awesome and we had a wonderful time. We made many new friendships and we, too, agree that the quality of the membership, families, and guests is what makes the PA Club such an awesome place to visit."

Mike P.

"The people who come are what make it special. To have guys come all the way from Germany, year after year, is evidence of that."


"I'd also like to mention about the beauty and wildlife of the Georgian Bay. My wife loves this place so much and says it's in her blood. Come rain or shine, she and I go out not only for the fishing, but for the peace and serenity that can only be found here. The wildlife, such as the bears, loons, moose, beavers, etc. and the breathtaking scenery, sunsets and such are always a plus. To us, this is truly a paradise and has to be as close as you can get to heaven."