PA Club Photos

Please email me any pictures you want published. Digital photos in .jpg format are best, but if you have prints and you mail them to me, I can work with those too. My mailing address may be found at the bottom of the Contacts page. When sending photos, try and include some captions such as who is in the photo, where and when it was taken and any comments you want to add. The maximum file size attachment for my email account is 10 MB, so be sure to break up the emails into smaller ones if necessary. Dropbox works great as well for large files or if you have many pictures to share. Photos older than five years will generally be posted on the History page.

  • March - Bill and Chris Devido visited the club in late March. Check out the pictures if you want to see what the area looks like in winter.
  • May Camps - Aerial shots, first musky of the year.
  • Work Week - New front windows, back stairs, fish house flooring & lots more.
  • Pike Tournament (June) - Pictures from our first Annual Pike Tournament.
  • Goglin/Peters June Week - Five walleye caught this week, big pike, bass, snakes, trophies & awards ceremony.
  • Hasely/Martone June Week - Musky, walleye and deer.
  • July Mens Camp - Lots of bass & delicious food.
  • Devido/Martone July Week - Grandkids, desserts, new curtains.
  • Montgomery Week (August) - A great week for fishing, lots of bass, some walleye.
  • August Camps - Couples week, men's camp, ice bucket challenge video.
  • September Camps - Work begun on new cottage addition, killer pike, musky and swimming leech.

Georgian Bay Muskies

Muskies caught around the waters of the Pennsylvania Club.

Muskies from other Waters

Here are pictures of muskies caught from spots outside Georgian Bay.

Neal Blizzard has taken many pictures at the club through the years, especially during work weeks and while fishing during the annual Kiefer Week. There are also some nostalgic photos from the past.