Georgian Bay Forever conducts research on the aquatic health of Georgian Bay and surrounding bodies of water. Through research, GBF informs and educates the public and governments about threats to environmental health and proposes possible solutions. The GBF has numerous partners including several universities for collaboration in scientific work.

Georgian Bay Association is an umbrella group of 21 cottage associations representing over 4,000 families along eastern and northern Georgian Bay. Formed in 1916, GBA's mandate is to act as stewards of the water and land resources. The GBA is also a advocacy group acting on behalf of its member associations to talk to government bodies on issues of importance.

Georgian Bay Land Trust seeks to preserve the unique archipelago and its adjacent water bodies which lie along the eastern shore and North Channel of Georgian Bay that are of ecological, geological and historical importance and to promote the appreciation of this special area.

Eastern Georgian Bay Stewardship Council brings stakeholders together to develop stewardship goals that will benefit Eastern Georgian Bay and works with partners to carry out projects to achieve those goals. EGBSC's aim is to complement the work of other organizations, communities and agencies in order to ensure Eastern Georgian Bay remains healthy.

Sans Souci and Copperhead Association (SSCA), founded in 1903, is a vibrant community of over 450 cottage families and residents that enjoy this special part of the Bay and want to preserve it for present and future generations.

Cottage Country - Local news, gossip, webcams, business directory, restaurants, events and lots more about what's happening in Parry Sound.

Living with the Lakes Living with the Lakes - A 40 page booklet published in February 2000 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, available as a PDF. Good discussion about the changing water levels in the Great Lakes and understanding them.

Great Lakes Environmental Research laboratory - Great Lakes water level observations.

Great Lakes Environmental Assessment and Mapping Project (GLEAM) - Interactive maps to visualize and understand environmental impacts on the Great Lakes.

Canadian Hydrographic Service - Responsible for the collection of tide, current and water level information in the region. The unit operates a permanent network of tide and water level gauging stations throughout the Great Lakes and Hudson Bay.

The Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters is the record keeper for fish records in Ontario. You can look at their record fish registry to view the record catches in the province (and see how yours stack up).

Ontario Angler Awards is a province-wide program that officially promotes and recognizes recreational angling efforts in Ontario by both resident and non-resident anglers. Catch a big enough fish and you can send in for a certificate recognizing your success.

Canadian Weather - Weather forecasts and more from the Canadian Government weather office.

Waste Management - Procedures, locations and schedules for waste disposal and recycling.

Georgian Bay Musky Charters - Head guide Graham Bristow comes highly recomended by some of our members.

Jody Mills Musky Guide Service - Jody will pick you up right at our dock and show you how to catch that record musky!

West View Resort - If you're looking for a place to stay other than the PA Club, this might be an alternative. These cottages are owned & operated by George Grisdale and are located just down the road from Moon River Marina. Gives you a feel for the lodging and boat rental rates in the area.