Est. 1896, New Castle, PA

What's New?

April 3: See what the club looks like in wintertime! Bill & Chris Devido visited in late March.

March 13: Spring meeting agenda and proposed cottage addition. Meeting to held on April 18.

March 1: Schedule is out for camps this summer on the Calendar page. Be sure to sign up for some of those openings that are still left!

February 1: Passing of longtime member Bill Ramsey.

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Club



The Pennsylvania Club is a group that comes together to enjoy fellowship and outdoor recreation. Registered as a Canadian Corporation, the membership meets twice a year to discuss corporate business and recreation. Official club meetings are held in New Castle, Pennsylvania, the home of the founding members and near Sans Souci, Ontario, the location of the fishing lodge. Corporate business discussed at the meetings is most often related to the outdoor recreation or fishing at the club's facilities in Georgian Bay on Lake Huron in Canada. The Pennsylvania Club owns property and a fishing lodge, located within the boundaries of The Massasauga Provincial Park, on Island B257, known as Pennsylvania Point, in the Township of The Archipelago, in the District of Parry Sound, Province of Ontario.

Eight gentlemen that resided in New Castle, Pennsylvania started the Pennsylvania Club in 1896. Membership in the Pennsylvania Club now totals seventy-four, including fifty active members and twenty-four honorary members from ten different states and Canada. Use of the Pennsylvania Club's facilities in Canada is limited to members and guests that accompany members. Please take time to look at our website, and feel free to drop us a note.


Jim Haas
Club President

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